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and it is expected to be live in 2014.


In the meantime if you would like to know more about the website for professionals please visit the publically accessible Audiology Issues webpage on Facebook. The Facebook page includes regular public news, comments and photo’s.


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About the website:

There continues to be issues in audiology related and not limited to:

Hearing Aids, Direct Audio Input Shoes, Cochlear Implants, Cochlear Implant accessories, Bone anchored hearing Aids, Baha Accessories, Personal Wireless Systems (also known as Assistive Listening Devices), Soundfield systems, Sound enhancement systems, Customer Service received from manufacturers and Manufacturer software.

These issues can range from simple and easily solved, to those that are ongoing, unresolved and troublesome.

The Idea!

What if all these issues could be gathered together into a database on subjects such as the ones listed above think of the advantages we could have collectively to try and make a difference in the morally right direction of placing the child’s hearing first.


Currently we all have many mixed valuable sources of information, and usually for example an issue may be shared within a county service but could take time to spread around the country to help those other services and hospitals with similar equipment and issues.

In some cases sharing an issue can save an area money in not repeating the same mistake as others.

When there are issues these can (and should) be reported to the customer services of the company concerned etc.

However what about everyone else?

How many times have you heard someone say something similar to:

“I have never heard of this before”, “It’s news to me” “Not had many problems”, “Must be a bad batch”

Well, this new website is being developed whereby YOU can post your feedback and read what other people are finding anywhere!

So why do this?

Issues found in the above categories may not reach some areas of the UK or abroad, and individually may cause a small reaction to a big issue reported. (how do YOU know what is a small issue to a commonly found one?)

Sometimes new products and issues need to be shared quickly to help others irrespective of what part of the UK, Republic of Ireland or even the world they live in.

More often it is found you are not the only person having the same or similar issue.

By gathering all the information provided can we move forward together and Sharing what YOU know

can help others make more informed decisions.

In this time of financial cut backs, cost cutting and value for money it has never been more important to be more aware of what you are buying, using and working with.

If there are issues and a large amount of feedback provided constructive action should be taken to improve the situation.

Changes to a current problem cannot be made if issues go unreported.

During the website development if you have an issue or you want to help please contact:  

You can also show your support and keep updated by joining the new Facebook Page simply type in their search bar Audiology Issues